Frequently asked questions
How do the pricing plans work?

Our bookkeeping and tax plans are based on an annual subscription model with transparent pricing that scales with your expense rate and your business needs such as connected institutions, bills, and invoices. See our price page for more details.

Is support included? Can I ask questions?

Yes! Support is included in your plan. Our dedicated finance experts are happy to answer any questions you might have.

Will you send invoices to my customers and help pay my bills?

Yes, we’re happy to provide this support as an additional service.

What’s the difference between accrual and cash bookkeeping?

Cash bookkeeping only tracks when money enters or leaves a bank account. Accrual bookkeeping is a more sophisticated approach that records when the money was earned or owed. Calcul8 does accrual from day one so there’s no painful transition later on.

What types of companies can Calcul8 help?

We have many customers ranging in all sizes and spanning many industries. We specialize in working with high-growth technology startups, ecommerce providers, professional services, non–profits and more. Contact us to see if Calcul8 is the right fit for you and your company.

What are the requirements to start with Calcul8?

We have three requirements that allow us to deliver the most accurate books for your business.

- Electronic transaction access
- Expense reporting software
- No mixing of personal expenses

Do you support international companies?

We can support you if your company is a US entity or a Canadian entity, no matter where you are based in the world. We can also provide US entities and Canadian entities with foreign subsidiaries with consolidated reporting. As of now, we do not support foreign entities.

Are AP/AR services included in Calcul8 Bookkeeping?

They are not included by default, but you can add them to any plan. Please ask your sales rep for details.

Why do we use QuickBooks?

Calcul8 uses bookkeeping in QuickBooks Online because it offers a huge number of advantages:

- Painless tax prep. Virtually every tax preparer in the US & Canada knows how to work with QuickBooks. You’ll have the freedom to choose any tax preparer you want or stick with us to handle your taxes.
- Industry standard. In addition to tax preparers, most other financial professionals (e.g., attorneys, bankers, and venture capitalists) all know how to work with QuickBooks. Again, this gives you the most freedom when making financial decisions.
- Data security. QuickBooks Online means you’re not locked in. If you ever decide to move on from Calcul8, your data goes with you, in a format that is immediately useful. All your history is backed up to cloud so you never have to worry about losing any information.

I’m using Xero right now, can you migrate me over to QBO?

Of course we can help you transition your books over to QBO. As part of our onboarding process, we’ll make monthly journal entries in Quickbooks from your monthly account totals in Xero (for both the balance sheet and the P&L/income statement) going back to the beginning of the year.

How do taxes work with Calcul8?

You have a few of options for doing your taxes when you use Calcul8.

The first option is to use Calcul8. Please note that tax preparation is not included in your Calcul8 Bookkeeping subscription – you must purchase the Cacul8 Tax add-on for those services.

The second option is to use a firm of your choice and have Calcul8 hand off your prepared books to them.

What does Calcul8 Tax include?

Calcul8 Tax includes federal, state, and city level income tax preparation as well as various informational reporting compliance (Form 1099-MISC, W8-BEN) and unlimited email support.

If I didn’t use Calcul8 to do my books for the entire year, can I still use Calcul8 Tax?

Yes, we’ll generally want to take a look at the year’s books to make sure they meet our standards, but many of Calcul8 Tax customers started Calcul8 halfway through the year.

Do you do personal income taxes?

It’s an option we are looking into.

Will Calcul8 be able handle my 1099s?

If you use Calcul8, we will ask you for a list of vendors who require 1099s, follow up with those vendors, and file the forms for you. If you are only using Calcul8 Bookkeeping, we are not able to file 1099 forms for you.

When should I outsource vs. hire a full–time CFO?

You should outsource CFO services in two situations:

1. If you are a small, growing business where you don’t have many needs or ability to pay for a full-time CFO, or
2. If you are a large business that only needs CFO services occasionally.

What does the process for Calcul8 CFO Services look like?

Get started by filling out our form. Our expert team will set up a call to discuss what fits your business needs and answer any questions. After you sign up, our team will further scope out the details of supporting your financial needs and timelines during a tipoff call. Our goal is to deliver robust financial analysis and expert support to unlock growth for your business.